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i think that poetic revenge is only effective if the person against whom the revenge is sought actually reads the poems and makes comments. crazy. LOL. anyway. i'm having fun writing poems and fearing the wrath of the Great Diane. so, its all okay.

#8.  (no title yet)

My mother is a woman of routines
cornflakes with skim milk
a toasted bagel with cream cheese
three and a half miles on the treadmill
and if I call her from Michigan at 2:30 pm
            she will think it’s my sister
            asking if she can go to some cheap café after school with her friends
                        even though she doesn’t drink coffee or tea
                        and thinks her friends act too much like the seventeen year olds they are

While I was a fetus,
a stomach bulge inflating
my mother’s 5-foot-two, 90 pound frame
she drank apple juice every day
and I am convinced that’s why I can’t stomach the stuff
She watched “Another World” at 11 am
named me after a character
who only lasted two weeks
and listened to George Michael on the radio
holding her stomach, holding me
dancing slowly to “Careless Whisper”

Some mornings I get strange cravings for
corn flakes and skim milk
and the thought crosses my mind
that I might be pregnant
and the rest of the time
I think I am my mother

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