doe__eyes (doe__eyes) wrote in moosespresso,


for the sake of conforming to the rest of my poetry class (at least the half of the class who read on tuesday): my new morning poem

            In the Cold:

the sun, pale as a ghost through the frost
                        peers down on me
                        from the other side of the double-paned glass

a ticking clock offends quiet sensibilities
            rhythmically waking aural receptors in the brain
electric light overhead – a naked bulb
            shatters the crusty film
            that creeps in every night between lids and lashes, top and bottom
                        ensuring the obscured vision of dreams

outdoors, the ice-burdened trees lean to me
            defying the gravity of their hampered limbs
            arching up toward the window

indoors, swaddled in blankets
            the movement of glacial giants awakening
            does not reach me
but I shiver anyway,
            my skin spelling out
                        in a rash of Braille dots
            the chill of waking up alone

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