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100 poems for ali. !!!

ali. here is the second of the one hundred poems i promised that i'd give you to read/edit. or did I say 50? i can't remember. anyway, consider "sundays at my grandmother's house" the first. ha! (and i think my theme for the semester is being asian/coming to terms with asian culture, and the like. or at least that's my theme for the week).

(Two) Beef and Broccoli

I feel fake walking into Chinese restaurants
when the ladies, in their Oriental print outfits
look at me expectantly
            with my blackish hair and olive skin
            and almost-almond eyes
and then they look so jaded, disinterested
when I say in perfect English,
            “Table for two, please” –
as if I should, instead, have my father’s accent
            or my grandmother’s,
to sustain their friendliness—
that lisp and stutter, the inability to
distinctly pronounce j’s and z’s –
            and in my father’s case,
            the tendency to say “moo!” instead of “move!”
            when in a great hurry –
and all this despite the fact
that they’ve each spoken English
for over thirty years

And when those ladies in their outfits
lead me silently to a table in the corner,
I want to tell them to blame my father
for wanting to leave his home country behind
            at least for his daughters,
            because for him, that accent will never let him go

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