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five, four

comments/title suggestions, anyone?


Sometimes, in conversation
I hear a strange semblance of an accent
floating between my teeth,
lingering on my tongue –
mid-west, or what I think it sounds like
and I want to wash it away
in the shower, or when I brush my teeth

These days, I’d rather
have a Texas accent
than anything else –
and I still laugh
about the fact that I had to travel to Italy
to get one in the first place



My father grew up with a machine gun in hand
patrolling the nighttime streets
with the other neighborhood boys
in his provincial town in Southern Vietnam,
protecting everyone from communism

My father is a nonviolent man
and has told that story but once –
it was more of an offhand remembrance
than one of his usual detailed, full-blown tales –
            thrown in haphazardly
            probably in defense of some characteristic
“Of course I’ve held a gun before
all of us did – machine guns, at night, in the streets –
            a protective measure”
But he shrinks from interrogation – “Did you ever fire it?”

I take after my father,
in the sense that we don’t share much with anyone
He and I both harbor a small arsenal of reliable stories
and stick to them loyally
but every once in a while, I catch him saying things
that I’ve never heard before,
and no matter how stealthily I try to bring it out,
            I never get to hear those things twice

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i think the second one (#4) is so powerful. like the opening line GRABBED me. it's startling.

and #5... is so exactly how i feel some days. like when i find myself defending texas to these stupid northerners who live in a bubble of yankee pride and have no concept of anything else but pretend they do. i don't even LIKE texas and i defend it merely on principal. oi!
i feel like, though, the part about going to italy to find the accent is through in rather randomly, and it begs its own story. and IIII know the story, but not everyone else, so ... elaborate or cut.