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four things

poem #6:

Women’s Bathroom, Second Floor, BPS

I was walking to the bathroom
this afternoon,
when I heard two ladies conversing
rather enthusiastically –
in the doorway of the women’s bathroom,
second floor, BPS 

I walked in, and entered a stall,
and as I did my business,
they did theirs –
“You taught 152 at LCC? Me too!
Anatomy should really be taught
the way we taught it at LCC –
none of this nonsense about function
before getting to the parts!”
The other woman responded
so quietly I couldn’t hear,
but I get the feeling she agreed.
And then I finished,
and found that they hadn’t:
they both still stood in the doorway
the louder one, with a wet paper towel
still in her hand,
and I wondered
whether the other lady had been
on her way in, or on her way out
when she became engaged in this conversation.

 :::::: :::::::

mock-magazine created for WRA 360: VIsual Rhetoric. My analysis is not wonderful, but that's because I got caught in the throes of page design (and the never-ending search for the perfect font)

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cover designs for FUCKING AIRPORTS: one and two (the only difference is in the color of the letters; there are more -- different --  designs in progress, but for now, this is all I have)

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the end
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